Latest Desktop Build 2.2.5

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Dear community,

Sync 2.2.5 is now available. You can get it via direct links below. Build is available via auto-update, via "Check now" button and on official download site.

Direct Download Links:

A list of what's new, improved, changed, and fixed in this version is available in the change log.

Latest Android build is now also available via direct link: 2.2.2 APK
Latest Raspberry Pi package is available via direct link: 2.2.2 DEB

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I took the plunge and updated from 1.3 due to some non-syncing files.


Now I'm looking for a view where I see the devices connected to the shared folders. The devices view just shows the local device, not the others that are connected. I understand that managing devices using an account is a pro feature, but I just want to see the devices that are linked via shared secrets.


The new interface seems to be less functional for me...

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Is it 2008 or 2008R2? 2008 has Vista core and generally Vista is not supported for Sync 2.2 - this might be the reason why you are not proposed to get updated.


2008R2 has same core as Win7 and should receive auto-update.

It's not the R2.

Ok I understund thank you. I will update manually.

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