Command Line / Scripting Options For Btsync (Pro) 2.2.x


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Hey Guys - 


A few months ago I went from a fairly complex FTP Server / Client configuration using scripts to synchronize things to BTSync and haven't looked back since.  I currently use BTSync Pro on about 5 different platforms, but this question is about the Windows version.  There is just one thing I have a question about, though.


My Question

Do any command line options exist for BTsync 2.2.x (Windows) which are geared towards application / sync control?  I connect to my home server often which throughout the day synchronizes with a remote server.  I'd love to be able to easily script something (via API or CLI) which would do one of the following:

 - Pause / Resume Synchronization overall or for specific folders

 - Set the maximum download / upload speed of the client

 - Be able to scan folders for files / folders with keywords and move those to top of sync queue


When searching, I only found this article which shows command line options, but they are for the installer which doesn't help at all.


If this capability is available now - via any method - please let me know.  Otherwise, it would be an extremely powerful addition.  If some exist for Linux, I'd like to know about them, too; but really need on Windows.



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