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Problems Running Windows App

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I don't understand has been going on with BTSync Windows app permissions. Back even with ver 1.3 I had difficulties, and now they just are worse with the latest ver of 2.x.


I have PC's with an admin account and also a non-admin. I want different folders synced for them..  it has been working fine in 1.3 but I finally thought to try 2.  I can't get the thing to run at all without prompting me for an admin PW.. to which I cancel anyway because I want it to run as the restricted user.. and the funny thing is that it then runs that way, but always causes Windows 7 to prompt me.


I manually copied the BTSync.exe to the %appdata% folder, changed its ownership..  going to look at what else I can do.. but why does this only happen to BTSync? What is it about this one that causes these permissions problems??


And I have UAC turned OFF!

oh... I just figured out a way.


I created a Shortcut to the BTSync.exe and pass the /NOINSTALL option and it works.. without prompting!


at first I had /BRINGTOFRONT option as I saw it running on my other user.. but I don't want the screen to popup everytime and so of course removing /BRINGTOFRONT seems to not matter and it STILL COMES UP when it starts.


But I can live with that one,.

oh..  figured that out too..   with the   /MINIMIZED option...


so why does BTSync LIE about the options?  /NOINSTALL and /MINIMIZED aren't even listed. And it seems there is no consistency. I installed this 6 times on different users on Win 7 and 1 on Win 2008 and they are run with different command line options. All today, all with the latest version.


BitTorrent Sync 2.2.5 (130)
          BTSync.exe [ options ... ]
        /HELP                     Print this message
        /CONFIG <path>            Use a configuration file
        /STORAGE <path>           Storage path for identity and license
        /IDENTITY <user name>     Creates user identity
        /LICENSE <path>           Apply owner license
        /WEBUI                    Run webui

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This is a known issue - Sync 2.x does not work well in multi-user environment. This is going to be fixed soon, I apologize for inconvenience.


For the options question - all public options are listed in help. The /NOINSTALL, /BRINGTOFRONT and other non-listed are service options therefore they are not shown for now.

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