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Couldn't Use All Post Apis.

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I've been learning Sync API for 2 days. I'm using sync free version and in the

30 day trial of Sync Pro.

I have a evaluation key for the API and I'm able to start Sync with config.


I can successfully call the get APIs like and, however I couldn't get the either of the post APIs to work like adding a folder.


I've tried the following two ways:

  • curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --user api:secret1 -d "{\"path\": \"C:/test\",\"token\":\"DZnGi1CRNwSVUzOcYJQ54SWEwjK7J2QRtZ6TV6ZmWE_oxN79RuW3TuG9MlYAAAAA\"}"


Basically I call the token API to get a token, and passes it on the token field for the post API.


I'm on Windows 8 64bit.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you,


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Here's the log:

[2015-10-30 12:31:23] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175883918)
[2015-10-30 12:31:24] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175884934)
[2015-10-30 12:31:25] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175885965)
[2015-10-30 12:31:27] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175886997)
[2015-10-30 12:31:28] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175888019)
[2015-10-30 12:31:29] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175889036)
[2015-10-30 12:31:30] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175890057)
[2015-10-30 12:31:31] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175891093)
[2015-10-30 12:31:32] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175892123)
[2015-10-30 12:31:33] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175893153)
[2015-10-30 12:31:34] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175894189)
[2015-10-30 12:31:35] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175895221)
[2015-10-30 12:31:36] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175896254)
[2015-10-30 12:31:37] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175897276)
[2015-10-30 12:31:38] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175898294)
[2015-10-30 12:31:39] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175899311)
[2015-10-30 12:31:40] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175900328)
[2015-10-30 12:31:41] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175901361)
[2015-10-30 12:31:42] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1446175902390)
[2015-10-30 12:31:42] REST API: Can't fulfill request without valid token

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You also need to save cookies when you call for the token and supply saved cookie when you are calling any method except GET. See -b and -c switches of curl.

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Hey RomanZ,


Thank you for the answer!


I'm very new to CURL, according to what searched internet, I tried the following:


1. curl -c cookie.txt http://localhost:8888/api/v2/token

2. curl -b cookie.txt -F "path=/abc" -F "token=10QUdVoVasYft9FuzGKSxSmt0qpjwi2OmbWnVZKCha_WruS8aNFunU98M1YAAAAA" http://localhost:8888/api/v2/folders


However the 2nd step always kills the Sync process.

I'm having this issue on OSX 10.10




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I made a python sample that can recreate this problem.

import requestsimport jsondef test_api():    url_token = "http://localhost:8888/api/v2/token"    url_add_folder = "http://localhost:8888/api/v2/folders"    url_debug_log = "http://localhost:8888/api/v2/debug/log"    s = requests.session()    # get token.    r = s.get(url_token)    print "1:Fetched cookies was %s" % s.cookies    json_response = json.loads(r.content)    token = json_response["data"]["token"]    print "2:Token was %s" % token    # add folder by post.    data = {"path": "/Users/zhaojin/Documents/abc", "token": token}    r =, data)    print "3:Result was %s" % r.content    print "4.Request header was: %s \n Request body was %s" % (r.request.headers, r.request.body)    # print s.get(url_debug_log).contentif __name__ == '__main__':    test_api()

the result is:

1:Fetched cookies was <<class 'requests.cookies.RequestsCookieJar'>[<Cookie GUID=39M3ObaYHoggLHrAcdVi for localhost.local/>]>2:Token was Aj6LD8j5qXv8cyoDiqF7SjR4gWPv_3xaCa8ySDby2C8pQ6nokWkOXJZHNFYAAAAA3:Result was invalid request4.Request header was: CaseInsensitiveDict({'Content-Length': u'112', 'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip, deflate, compress', 'Accept': '*/*', 'User-Agent': 'python-requests/1.2.3 CPython/2.7.3 Darwin/14.4.0', 'Cookie': 'GUID=39M3ObaYHoggLHrAcdVi', 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'})  Request body was path=%2FUsers%2Fzhaojin%2FDocuments%2Fabc&token=Aj6LD8j5qXv8cyoDiqF7SjR4gWPv_3xaCa8ySDby2C8pQ6nokWkOXJZHNFYAAAAA

As the result shows, it seems that I correctly retrieved the cookie from the token api, and passed it to the add folder api.

But it's still rejected.


The log shows:

[13:51:03]  REST API: Can't fulfill request without valid token

Any ideas where I did wrong?


Thank you!


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