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Does The Sync Api Support Granting Access Request?

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I'm wondering whether I can call the API to grant access to a shared folder?


The API document says:



This is the path to get and grant access for requests from other users.


But there's only support for get method for this end point. Is this something not implemented yet?


I want to develop an app that users can directly share folders to other users, and the access from other users will be automatically granted.




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Actually, there is a way to approve requests. Once you called GET method and have all access requests parameters, get the fingerprint (will be referred as {ufp} below) from one you are interested in and call

PATCH /folders/{fid}/AccessRequets/{ufp}/

and specify "status" in JSON to necessary access level (see the /folders/{fid}/AccessRequets/{ufp}/ section of documentation for more info).


Though note, that there is more simple way. When generating the link with API call

POST /folders/{fid}/link

set the parameter "askapproval" to "0" so request will be automatically approved by Sync itself.

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