1.4 To 2.2.x, Prdefined Hosts. Settings

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I have a few questions. Thanks in advance for helpful answers :)



Q1.   1.4 to 2.2.x


I have one folder that is synced with 5 other computers. 

One of the computers is an old OS X mac and can only run BTSYNC 1.4.111 (other versions including 2.0 seem to crash often).  I would like to move to all other machines to 2.2.x. 


1.1) Am I correct in thinking that I will have to use a standard folder, so the 1.4 machine will still be able sync to it?


1.2) Can a 1.4 machine link to a Pro folder?


1.3) Will the other machines running 2.2.x gain any beneficial sync speed or performance (between themselves) by running the upgraded 2.2.x ?


1.3) Running 1.4, I noticed that some files did not sync. Maybe in a folder of 70 images, sometimes 65 would sync. Has this been improved in 2.2.x ?


1.4) Do advanced folders sync faster than Standard folders



Q2.    Predefined hosts.


Most of the machines I sync to have either fixed IPs or use a Dynamic DNS such as no.ip.  


2.1) If I add in the IP numbers, do I need to know the ports? 


2.2) I see you can define SYNCs listening port. Do I need to define the sending port? If so how please?


2.3) Does this matter with UPnP?


2.3) If I add in a predefined host, will SYNC search only for that host? 


2.4) Does adding in the host make a big difference.




Q3. Settings


3.1)  Are there any settings I can change in 2.2.x to speed up syncing times?


3.2) Does switching off the Low Disk are a low priority speed up syncing.





There's a fair few questions here. All answers appreciated.







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Hi BG,


Here are answers to your questions:


1.1 Yes
1.2 Not sure on what do you mean under "Pro folder". If you mean advanced folders - then no, 1.4 does not support advanced folders and will not be able to synchronize with them
1.3a There were some minor optimizations, though nothing significant. Though, you'll definitely will gain more stability.
1.3b Yes, there are a number of "Sync stuck" issues were fixed in 2.x (and still remain in 1.4).
1.4 No, they sync slower due to more advanced (and heavy) cryptography


2.1 If you configure predefined hosts - you need to know ports
2.2 No, you don't need to define outgoing port. If Sync is using UDP - it will reuse same port number. If TCP is used, OS automatically assigns free port number
2.3a UPnP simply asks the router to map listening port to current device IP
2.3b No. Sync will use all allowed methods to search together with predefined hosts.
2.4 It depends on your network topology and restrictions. If your peers can't reach tracker server, or say multicast traffic enabled, or you have strict firewall rules - using predefined hosts may make it more simple (and in some cases - only way to make it achievable)


3.1 Yes. See here for more info.
3.2 If disk speed is your bottleneck - it will definitely help.

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