Suddenly Lost All Configuration?

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Today I waited a bit to see my video recorded on my phone transferred to my notebook, but it wasn't showing. So I loaded the web interface and I saw the first run page (Link devices dialog). Suddenly btsync lost all of its configuration? I checked .config/btsync/btsync.conf and it was still there, as it should, apart from many other files. I haven't upgraded my system recently and haven't upgraded btsync. The version is 2.0.128 (36).


Any ideas? Is this problem known? Will upgrading solve the issue?

I see that sync.dat file is 1307 bytes, whereas sync.dat from a backup some time ago is 50427.


Nevertheless, I restored my whole .config/btsync from backup and it seems to work now. I hope it won't tangle my synchronized directories.

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Sure, I enabled logging now. I don't remember if I haven't had hard restarts recently on my notebook, but I did have on another machine - but sync works fine there. But since I have an ATI card there and there's problem with drivers, I'll start backing up the sync config directory there, too. :-)


I see, then I'll upgrade my btsync. :-)

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