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When adding a new device (using my license key), two things happen often:


1. suddenly folders on existing devices are empty, and only the folders will sync

2. sometimes new folders are created with the same name as the old folders, e.g. Documents(1), Documents(2), Pictures(1), Pictures(2) etc.


So some files are deleted, and other files/folders are multiplied.


What am I doing wrong? Now I make backups of all my documents all the time, because I cannot rely 100% on Bittorrent Sync.


Windows8.1, SyncPro personal.


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Can you please elaborate 1) by steps? What exactly you mean under "and only the folders will sync"? 


As for 2) - when you connect a device to another identity, the folders from that identity arrive to the device. If you picked "Connected/Synced" mode, these folders will automatically be created in default location (~/BitTorrent Sync). If you already have a <Foldername> there, the newly created one will have index (1) added, so you end up with  Documents(1), Documents(2), etc. 

To avoid it, pick mode "Disconnected" , so you will be able to pick location for the newly arrived folders. 


Also, when you unlink current identity  all advanced folders get removed from Sync with it - are these folders you refer to as deleted? 

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