Too Difficult To See Sync Status


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Often I'm syncing multiple folders and I have a hard time finding out which ones are done and sync time left.


For instance, I have to open the UI each time to see transfer status and rate. Dropbox makes it simple with a tooltip when you mouse over the icon :




How tremendously useful that would be.


For finding out what folders are done syncing, that I'm not sure about. Dropbox has Finder integration with status icons :




That might not work as well though if it were added for folders, and if there were a way to add an icon to the Finder toolbar, to show folder status, that would save quite a bit of work trying to figure out what's done.




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With regards to the status in the system tray: due to the distributed nature of BTSync and block-level syncing, it could potentially be syncing a large number of files simultaneously. (The same thing might apply to Dropbox, since it has LAN syncing, I guess.)


As for Sync status in the finder, that indeed sounds like a great feature!

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