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Weird Transfer Speed Behavior And Overall Not Very Good Speeds

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I have Sync set to mirror a few folders on a remote server. Whenever a download is initiated, I get pretty poor speeds to start with, around 600 Mb/s. However, if I open the Sync control panel and toggle Search LAN on and off again, my speeds almost immediately jump to around 1.3 MB/s and stay there for the duration of the download.


I've tried various setting combinations but apart from not using a relay server, nothing seems to improve my initial speeds. I don't understand why toggling settings makes a difference but it does (at least if Sync repports the speeds correctly, I didn't double check with Task Manager).


I'm moving >1GB files. My settings are: Limit LAN bandwidth, Use relay, Encrypt on LAN and Low priority disk operations are off. Use tracker and LAN broadcast, are on. Sending buffer size is 100 and receiving is 500. Everything else is at default. On the server end, folder settings have Use tracker on, everything else off.


1. Is there an explanation to the weird behavior?


2. What could explain my generally poor transfer speeds? Even 1.2 MB/s is slow compared to the 2-3 MB/s I'm getting with BitKinex on the same file. Multi-segmented FTP transfers often max out my home connection but Sync doesn't. To my knowledge, my ISP doesn't throttle P2P traffic.



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I'm going to chalk up issue 2 to bad peering. I couldn't get any better speeds with Syncthing, FileZilla or anything else that's only only one TCP connection. Oh well, at least I got an excuse to learn lftp scripting.


Issue 1 still baffles me, though.

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