Windows 10 Installation Issues

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I really like bt sync, and I tried to install Bittorrent Sync on two Windows 10 stations numerous times, but I never succeeded to install it in a way that works properly for non-admin users. 


I tried:

  • both the 32 bit and 64 bit installers
  • Installing as admin and non-admin user
  • Manually removing both the %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync/ and all bt sync related entries in the registry before running the installer again


These are the issues I encounter: 

  • The installer asks whether it should create a desktop symbol and run bt sync on startup. I enable both options, but both options have no effect (no shortcut, doesn't start on windows startup)
  • After the installation, Windows doesn't seem to know anything about bt sync: it doesn't appear in the start menu, and using the windows search yields only the bt sync folder that is created for synchronized content.
  • I have to manually browse to the %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync/ folder to locate the .exe to launch the program
  • Everytime I run the .exe, I am prompted for adminisitrator credentials. The details indicate that bt sync always want to install the app again: /PERFORMINSTALL 128


Is this the expected behavior? Should it be possible to install bt sync like a regular windows application, i.e., prompt once for admin credentials, install the executable to the programs folder, create the user-specifc %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync folder when the application is launched by a specific user?


Any help is greatly appreciated, as I would really like to use bt sync regularly. 

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known issue for standard user account. Will be fixed in future releases. 

So far as a workaround try copying keys from Admins' registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BitTorrent Sync to user's. 

Make sure that revision and build keys match. 

Or add the user to Admin's group.

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