Using Bt Syn In The Field: Configuration Support Request


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Hi all,


I am planing to use BTSync in an environemnt in the field. We are talking about one machine running as "server" (or data buffer) and about 15 laptops that are all in principle in the same LAN segment. However, since this realy is about being in the field, the connection may be LAN or WiFi and does not have to be stable. This is so since we are a catastrophe releif organisation - so nothing can be considered stable and working all the time. BTSync is perfect for this because we can use 2 or more laptops in a splitt off situation and data still will be synced allthoug there is no server (like with OwnCloud, etc).


It is important for us that data is replicated relatively fast (seconds) without flooding the network with traffic. Again, since we are not targeting larger networks: what settings would you choose in this case for the clients?


We have about 4 folders that we use to sync portable apps and read only data to the clients from a central data storage (or 2). And we have about 10 folders where each client can publicate his data in (rw with all others). What we found out is that it is tricky to deploy this kind of settings. There is no config file that could be exported and imported. You can use the option to sync all settings for one user - but then your have logged in the same user on each machine wiche does not make sense because every machine is used by a different user. Next, we would like to have the data only one time on the machine. If different users log into the machine after each other every user would produce a copy of the same files which would clutter the hard drive. Anyone an idea how to deploy predefined settings and folders with their keys?


Also, when a mission is over we would like to easily remotely clean the machines. This is not that easy if you have the sync archeive settings on on each machine. Any idea how to get the sync archieve cleaned remotely?


Unfortunately, the numbering of the sync archeive is not reflecting the same data on each machine. This can lead easily to burried changes.


Any ideas/tips welcome!




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