File Integrity - Specifically Music Files

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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced some degradation in quality of some music files that are synced to an Android device (or any device for that matter).

It's not immediate, but over time I've noticed some artifacts appearing during playback of some tracks (seems random as to which ones are affected) as well as some tracks becoming mysteriously deleted as well.

I sync my music library between 4 devices. Work PC, Fileserver at work (which then syncs to Google Drive), Media Server at home and Android device. All are "Owners" due to I want the ability to add or remove files to/from my library from anywhere at anytime.

I guess I have 2 questions:

1) Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior? If not, is there something in my configuration that is causing the errors?

2) Is there a built in function to check the hash of synced files to verify their integrity after syncing?


Thanks in advance. 

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1) What exactly degradation in quality you mean? I'm not sure we've received reports like this. Sync doesn't anyhow interfere with audio quality. It just syncs the bits of files. Are you using some smart file format? Or are they mp3? 


2) not in Sync, sorry. You may try md5 checker on Windows, or `md5` in Terminal on unix. 


As for file deletion - any details on it? You can find the deleted files in Archive on desktops. Can you please write to support and describe this problem? If you have fresh logs with it reproduced, please submit the logs to support. Thank you. 

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Hash check would be a nice feature. I use it by default with my favorites copy software for Windows (TeraCopy and FreeFileSync).

I used to have integrity problems in the past when using Windows Explorer copy and some cheap USB HDD case. Copy was always completed well, but some photos became to be broken (artifacts, photos cut to half). That is when I've started to use software with verification after copy. I can imagine the same situation with BTSync if there is no hash check, especially when sync is being done over the Internet.

Please consider adding such a feature (with an option to disable) in the future release.

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