Direct Sync Imac To Macbook Not Working

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I'm using Sync Pro on my iMac, Macbook and Syno DS211J on my home LAN.


Both Macs are able to sync folders to the DS for backup.


I now want to sync a folder directly from my iMac to the Macbook, but BTS is indicating No Peers.


The iMac is connected by ethernet, the Macbook is WiFi.


I have no idea why this doesn't work, I can access either device with Finder just fine.


Your help appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Check your router settings and make sure that wired <-> wireless multicasts and data transfer are allowed. Try using "Predefined Hosts" feature in Sync to force it to connect directly to the defined IP. 


If it doesn't help, please submit debug logs from both Macs to support.

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