Btsync + Thecus (Changes Since Latest Binaries) - File Creation Rights

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I'm using BTSync (Pro private) on serveral devices. Right now I have the problem with Thecus device (intel X64 bin).

Since very latest builds I cannot control ownership of newly created files they are always created as root:root.


Before I had option to use config file name to specify owner of the btsync files.
sync.nobody.users.conf -> sync.uid.gid.conf
Right now this is now working.

There was a option to put credentials in config file - but this part is also not working:

By specifying DAEMON_UID and DAEMON_GID it is possible to specify under which credentials the instance runs. In this case it MUST be assured that the instance is able to read and write all files it must access:

Sync Team - is there any way to control btsync file owners now?

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DAEMON_UID and DAEMON_GID commands are used in tuxpoldo's package, which parses config file and apply umask command.

Sync doesn't do anything with them. So it is necessary to use umask manually. Here is an example:

umask 0000path/btsync —config path/config_name

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