Slower Sync Speed With Multiple Folder Directory

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Running the newest version " I'm getting a couple issues. One being if I share a single folder with 2 large files in it I'm getting 5-6 "megabytes" up ( I have fiber). When I share a directory containing multiple folder with single large files in them seeing 800kB -1.8  MB upload.  


The next issues is if I share the links before the indexing is complete and ive added a bunch of directories the indexing basically just stops and never finishes and the uploads dont seem to really even start  50-80kB upload.



One other question is can mapped network folder be shared via btsync?


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syncing multiple files of relatively small size is known to be slower than syncing a few big files, especially if they are located in a lot of nested folders. Or do you have only *one* file 800kB, and get speed 1.8 MB?? 


For the second issue -  merging starts. The problem here might be caused by 1) slow read-write speed from/to the disk .Where are the folders physically located on the both machines? 2) fail to merge properly. 

To analyze it, can you please send full debug logs from both peers to support? 


Yes, technically you can add a network share to Sync and it will be syncing. But you might experience slow speed - network shares, with their smb or afp protocols, are not that quick as local drives. 

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I am syncing large files no small files I was saying the upload speed varies from 800kB to 1.8 MB when syncing a large directory of files. Basically what I did was picked on folder from the directory I was going to sync and it uploaded at 5-6MB a sec then when I chose the whole directory which contains multiple folders with large files 5-10GB in each folder it was slower only uploading at 800kB to 1.8 MB.


Where do I need to send my logs to?

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