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Hi everybody.

I'm new here.


I have a question which is bothering myself quite a lot.


I own a Synology DS214 which is running perfectly since almost 2 years.

It's working as NAS (Cloudstation) serving 5 computers and 1 laptop that travel around the world which get synced thanks to Quickconnect service even with slow internet connection.


I love BTsync but I'm wondering (this is my question) why owners of Synology (or other NAS system) prefer to use BTsync instead of its native system (in my case Cloudstation).


I'm currently testing BTsync on my Raspberry + USB128GB pen drive in office.

Laptop and Ipad linked to it are working fine when I'm at home or abroad.


Why I should spend $$$ for a NAS and then again some other $$$ for BTsync license ?


It may sound a stupid question, but as I said I love BTsync but I don't feel like buying two product to do the same thing.


Thanks for your time


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There are several use cases with NASes I'm aware of thanks to our customers and community:

- distributed nature. Having asymmetric connection to Internet means that usually you have very slow upload bandwidth and data from NAS is delivered to the outer world extremely slowly. If you have more than one peer with same dataset in internet - it speeds up things significantly.

- matter of trust. Enabling Cloudstation means that you provide access to your data of a 3rd party company. There can be a lot of arguments about this one, but all goes out of current discussion scope.

- always-on peer for bigger network. Many users have number of computers (10+) and in this case standard NAS is not capable to serve all of them, while full-scale server is expensive. So they just need a peer that is always turned on to make files available for the case when all other peers become offline.

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