File In Destination But Not Source (Read Only)

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I have some files which have somehow ended up in the client/destination folder, but they do not exist in the master/source folder. The client is set up to have a read only copy of the master. How can this have happened, and more to the point, how can I get rid of them? I can delete them manually, but there are 10,000 files in the master and I would like to be sure that the client has copies of all of these and ONLY these.


Windows 10->Windows 10 via public internet, both v 2.2.7(160).

Store deleted files in archive - not checked on either end.

Overwrite any changed files - checked on client.

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once these files are not on source and Overwrite is enabled, they might have got to the folder through any other app, or might have been added manually there. 

With RO share, newly added files are not deleted and not synced. They just remain in the folder.

Yes, you can delete them manually. If you accidentally delete the necessary files, that shall be in the folder, RO peer will re-download them from master (cause Overwrite is enabled). 

And we strongly recommend keep Archive enabled on both peers.

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Thank you, Helen.


The problem arose because both PCs were upgraded to W10 at different times, and BTS was uninstalled and reinstalled at different times. Some files were deleted on the source while the destination was off line. You have helped by confirming that BTS will not delete these while the destination is RO. I have solved this by recreating the link as RW, which recreated the rogue files on the source, where they got deleted again.

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