Advanced Folder Owner Lock Out

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Hi all,


We had several advanced folders set up on a server.

This server had to be erased.

Our user laptops still have these folders but are unable to share it because the server (before the erasure) was the owner.


Is there a way around this so that we can add these folders back to the wiped server?


Otherwise we'll have to take a recent copy of a given folder from a user, add it to the server and re-share it with everyone again which will be very time consuming/confusing.




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if the server was the only owner, then ... bad news ... you will need to re-add the folder and re-share the link. That's the essence of advanced folders - folder management based on peer certificate and their permission level.

So if you later need to erase the server, manage the folder before erasing - grant Owner access to a peer so as to get the folder back from it after setting up new server, without having to re-share. 

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