Windows Updates, New Identity


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Sync v2.2.7

Windows 7x64

Hi all, after some Windows updates and a reboot, all of my sync folders are gone. I checked the BitTorrent folder under appdata and noticed a new syncuser folder is created but the old one is there as well.

How do I restore my previous folder syncs?

This had happened before and I had to redo the entire setup but it's becoming a pain now as I now have so many more folders to redo. Is there an option to save your folder settings?



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This may happen if Sync was force quit and was not able to correctly save settings before reboot, so they got corrupted, or was not able to load them after reboot. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy and secure way to restore previous sync shares, cause they are tied on ACL and certificates and saved deep inside different settings files and folder db.  So it's better to re-add the folders.


To avoid it in future and to save the settings correctly, make sure you correctly quit Sync before updating Windows, and that those updates do not affect files in %appdata%\ BitTorrent Sync folder. If it happens again, or if it happened just recently and you have logs with reproduction recorded, please send these to support. Log are in %appdata%\ BitTorrent Sync. Thank you. 

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