Can I Stop Sharing A Folder?

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I have a folder with a bunch of files that I need to share with a friend.  I was going to share out the file and send him a link but I noticed the disclaimer that says:

Once access is granted, it cannot be changed or revoked


Does that mean once I share a folder I can never stop sharing the folder?  That seems strange.


Is that right?  Can I just make a new folder a move the files and then delete the original one?  I don't want to share the folder forever.  Not sure if I'm misreading the warning or what that really means.



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Can someone clarify this a little more?

I setup a owner/read-only peer pair, revoked all permissions for the read-only, but the read-only still has a cache of already downloaded files. One might expect it to revoke permissions and clear the cache.

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Nope. Revoking access = the peer ceases syncing, i.e. no file updated will be synced there. But Sync cannot delete he files from there, so they remain. It's like disconnecting a folder from sync - the files in the filesystem remain intact. 

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