Updating Bittorrent Sync On A Drobo5N


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The version of sync running on my Drobo5N reports itself as version 2.0.138 (36) and according to the Drobo5N page (http://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/205504969) the latest version is 2.3.0. I've been trying to update the client so that I can try out the encrypted folders however I'm having problems updating the version.


In the DroboApps section of my Drobo Dashboard I click the "Update" link for BitTorrent sync and it tells me that it's updating, after a while the updating disappears however the version of BitTorrent Sync running my my Drobo5N is still 2.0.138 and the link to Update is still present. If I click update again then the same happens, and the version is not updated. I've tried stopping the processes, then updating, and finally restarting. Whatever I seem to do Im, still at version 2.0.138.


I've also tried updating the old way, i.e. mounting the DroboApps share, copying the version 2.3 tarball I downloaded (i.e. https://download-cdn.getsync.com/2.3/Drobo/BitTorrent_Sync.tgz), and then restarting my Drobo5N and this has no effect. Whatever I do my Drobo5N is still running 2.0.138.


How can I update to the latest version?

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If you can SSH into the Drobo, you can try running:


/usr/bin/DroboApps.sh install


It's like restarting the Drobo, but not really having to. That might install it as long as the tgz file is still in the DroboApps share. It might help to stop the BitTorrent Sync app first.

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For Drobo 5N version, expanding the BitTorrent_Sync.tgz file shows a different folder structure then has been used for previous installations. The Sync 2.3.0 update files are packaged within the tgz in a folder named "Delivery" which gets moved into the BitTorrent_Sync folder within the DroboApps folder. As the files don't get placed in the proper folder, the upgrade never happens.


Moving all the files from the "Delivery" folder back one level into the "BitTorrent_Sync" folder will configure 2.3.0 to work properly. Make sure to stop BitTorrent Sync from running ( in the DroboApps section, if using the Drobo Dashboard) prior to moving the files into their proper position.


Whoever is responsible for packaging the NAS update files for Drobo should recreate and replace the "BitTorrent_Sync.tgz" file with the proper folder structure.

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The BitTorrent Sync "Update" link points to a version of Sync that is specified by the DroboApps Update Server. The link will install the version of Sync that is specified by that server, and not the latest Drobo Sync version that is available via the GetSync.com website. In fact, if that version is older than the version running on your Drobo, the result will be to downgrade sync to the version on the update server. Therefore, at this point, updating the "old way," as your post noted, is the only way to get the latest version of Sync. The 2.3.0 version that is available at GetSync.com for the Drobo 5N has been corrected, and you should be now able to install it to your Drobo. It would be helpful for the update link to initiate a Sync version check, so that if the DroboApps server version is older than the version of Sync that a Drobo is running, the downgrade does not take place. Obviously, Drobo should keep the update server populated with current app versions for the DroboApps update feature to work properly.

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