Refinement Of The Selective Sync Web Ui


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The web UI for selective sync is decent but has one quirk I'd appreciate cleaned up.  If a deep subfolder is set to sync, you cannot later mark the parent folder to start syncing without removing all subfolders that are currently syncing.


eg: If I have a share with this folder tree with joined as selective sync:

Foo/ +-Bar/ +-Baz/

If I decide to set Bar to sync that folder will start to sync as desired. (good so far)

Later if I decide I want Foo to sync I have no UI controls to start syncing it unless I find Bar and pick "remove from this device", exit the sync picker UI, and open the sync picker UI again.


The above can be a negative if Bar contains large files and the above process results in deleting those files only to re-sync them shortly thereafter.


Ultimately, the sync picker UI I'd like is similar to what CrashPlan has with a tree view and check boxes that let me navigate a tree quickly and set the include points and uncheck any exclude points.


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I love this idea.


I have a single data store with hundreds of project folders (about 2TB of data) synced between my two primary servers.


But for my workstations, where I don't have as much local storage, I want to be able to download select project folders for work. Or on my android phone, where I definitely don't have that much storage, I'd still be able to reference individual documents or folders. This would prevent me from needing to setup hundreds of individual project shares on my two servers.

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