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I recently got a new phone (Moto X Pure running 6.0) and am having trouble with the android sync app. I have it set up to sync files to an SD Card, but whenever I connect the folder it just starts and stops "indexing" and never actually transfers anything. If I turn on the selective sync and grab a file or two manually they download fine so I know it's not an issue with the SD card/permissions.

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Same problem. I am not rooted and on Lollipop 5.1.1. folders on the SD Card already exist. killed all connections, di-installed sync and reinstalled without success. Several issues arise: selective sync on/off resets itself and indexing continues endlessly on folders, regardless of internal card or SD Card. This behaviour is totally new in 3.20/3.21. No files are synced.

Please also note that they you create a sync for a folder on an internal card, it warns you that files already exists. This does not happen for similar folders on the SD card.

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now on 2.3.4 (466) but issue far from resolved on an UNROOTED Sony Z5 Lollipop 5.1.1 using external SD Card. It works flawlessly on rooted phones (with the SD card fix when using Lollipop) and on the internal storage of the UNROOTED Sony Z5. But existing folders on the external SD Card will not sync (nor attempt to sync), even after the Sync application for Android has been de-installed and re-installed and all .sync folders deleted in between. 

A different behaviour is that, for folders on the internal storage, Sync will alert you that they are existing files, do you want to continue? This does not happen with the folders on the external SD Card.

Any suggestions?


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Great news. I look forward to your fixes in due time. Please note that, unlike my statement in the previous comment, the syncing actually occurs, but it seems to be a around 10 Bytes (not kB) per second when I look at the senders. Great fun on gigabytes folders. It however seems to sync better (but not much faster) if you create a new folder on the external SD card (as opposed to a folder which has files in it already).

Good luck



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18 minutes ago, Helen said:

it means either of two:

that you're not signed up for beta testing. Apply here with your google account and then check play store again

when checking the play store you're NOT using account with which you applied for beta testing. 

After applying again to the beta with your link the beta sync app reached me and the sd syncing problem went away. Thanks a lot!

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Glad to report that, with version , functionality is working for folders on an EXTERNAL SD crar on a mobile. Tested on an UNROOTED Sony Z5 included folders on the internal card (already working before) as well as three EXISTING folders on the external SD cards, ranging in size from 500MB all the way to 20GB. Other devices include other Android mobiles (ROOTED), WD NAS, FreeBSD and Windows (various). All connected without problems and synchronization with the test Z5 took from a few minutes (on the same LAN) to the usual amount of time on the remote devices (usual meaning what was observed before 2.30).

Many thanks


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I'm also having problems syncing  extSD card folders on Sony Z5C after updating it to Android 6.0 MM (clean install). V 2.2.6 420 wouldn't install on android 6 so I tried 2.3.4 466 but it endlessly indexed. I now have 2.3.5 477 on phone but folders are not syncing. I have added and removed files from sync folders using file manager but the changes are not showing up in the sync file lists. Deleted files are still showing with a blue tick and added files are not added to list. I have tried shutting down and restarting sync but it made no difference. The changes are also not propagating to other devices.

Sync has been working well with V2.2.6 420 and 5.1.1 Lollipop but since updating just the phone, my android tablet now produces 0kb files on all devices when a file is deleted.

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Our Sony Z5 Premium Dual was also updated to 6.0 MM build (from Lollipop) via OTA. We had existing folders that we did not want to delete on the external SD card to keep the testing environment unchanged. The following procedure worked  for 1.4 type folders:

uninstall Sync

delete all the .sync folders in each of the directories (won't work otherwise, both LL and MM; and it should solve the problem that you mention)

install beta testing

Before creating any synchronizations

> Settings > Advanced

     tick simple mode (might not be relevant)

     change Default Folder Location to "SD://" (this appears relevant, though we do not know why)

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SYNC MORE THAN ONE FOLDER AT THE TIME, if they are over 1GB (we found this by trial and error, though the beta version seems to sync the folders sequentially so it should not matter in principle)

for each folder on the External SD Card: DO NOT ACCEPT THE DEFAULT. Change and select an existing folder that you created (again by trial and error, but we ended up with duplicate folders tagged _1 if we did not do this, so better be safe)

Wait a couple of minutes and then you can select undo "Selective Sync"(click on the little "i" icon on the right of the folder) to sync the entire folder. (If the selective sync revert to ON automatically, you may have problems though this no longer happened on the beta version).


thereafter, everything should work as normal.

Hope this helps. Good luck


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