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I use the Synology server DS412+, DS1512+, DS712+ (with DSM 6 Beta) and DS414.

As the new v2.3.0 is coming, I install this version on all servers and my Windows computers. Up to this time I use v2.2.7 and I can only say, it was a perfect running on all devices. Unfortunately the v2.3.0 doesn´t run well. Normally, up to v2.2.7 the client on Windows in a very short time is transfering data to the other devices if any changes happen. But not with v2.3.0 and it becomes clear, that no or only a partly transfer was done, also over hours and days. Also a mixed situation with v2.2.7 and v2.3.0 doesn´t run. Also no difference I have if I use the client as service or "normal". Or new installations are also without success.

Now I goe back on all devices to v2.2.7 - and - I´m happy as before. All is running smoothly and well. What is the difference in the software or what can I doe in a other way?

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That looks like the known problem with memory usage on NAS, usually a case with a lot of folders/files in them --> big database which takes resources to load. Can you please update to 2.3.1 if you haven't yet and see how it behaves. If the problem remains, please write to support and submit logs.  Thank you. 


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