2.3 Selective Sync on NAS

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Now that 2.3 brings selective sync to Linux, is there a way to implement this on NAS? I see the option in the webGUI, but no controls. (Pro License)

Is this still on the roadmap?



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It does not have anything to do with Linux or NAS.

Selective Sync is also available on NAS - Selective Sync was just introduced on clients that have only the WebGUI available - that includes all machines like NAS or the Raspberry Pi for example.


Well if you have a share that you can connect to in WebUI you can do so and then flick the switch to enable Selective Sync. If it is enabled you will see that the folder icon on the right is white and not black. If you click on that share name you will get a pop up and a list of files and folders you can selectively sync to your device - well if that share has actual data in it..

Did that help clear things up? Also stop by the Help Center at http://help.getsync.com

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