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On the html gui for the bt sync service:

I need to differentiate with multiple shares having the same folder name. Either by:

1. An option to display the complete path name  in the 'Folder' column. Currently it only displays the folder name.

2. Allowing the renaming of the share displayed while leaving the true path/folder name intact.

3. In general, have a share name in addition to the folder name. (Applies to Android as well.)

Thank you much for this wonderful program!


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1.) You  are able to enable the full path by right clicking on to the column at the top and then you get a selection of different columns to display

2.) That kind of goes with your third point.. and I do wish for that too ;-)

3.) Please add your voice to this thread as it is a feature request:

The team is looking at feature request ideas and if a lot of people request it they keep thinking about how they can implement it so endusers actually benefit from it :)


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Aye, thanks Moe for that pointer on #1. Although I can't rearrange the columns, it is a great help.

I added two replies (one sort of a bug report) to the thread linked in 3.


ps. The previous post here has some error with this new forum software. It didn;t allow me to delete the quote, or to discard the edit, even after closing the browser tab.

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