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I've just created a new shared folder on my NAS (WD Mycloud Mirror Gen2) and am copying files to it from an external HDD.

While the data is being copied, lots of popups appear in the webUI "file xxx has an invalid time stamp and may cause other files to be overwritten".

This is not the exact text, unfortunately the error messages have stopped, I can't remember the exact phrase.


Right now this folder exists only on the NAS. So it's not too late for drastic measures, re-adding it for example. How can I fix the time stamps ? Maybe it just complains because it couldn't copy the time information from the HDD ? If every timestamp would be the current date, that would be no problem. There are no peers with this data.

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mintwurm, that message means that some files have modification date in future more than 10 minutes regarding current time on the current peer.

If you don't plan to modify those files you can ignore the message. But if you modify the file, all changes will be overwritten by the file with newer modification time. Changed file will have older modification time Sync will think that file is older. The only way to rectify it is to correct modification time on the peer where you first added it.

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Hello, sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I'm having this problem as well and would like to know what the consequences are, as I'm in a different situation than the OP.

I'm building a website using font files from I publish the project and they give me a zip with the font files. I move the files to the websites development folder, and all of a sudden resilio sync goes nuts with "XXX has invalid modification time and may cause other files to be rewritten" errors.

Are you saying that the archive and included files that I downloaded from the font company came with invalid timestamps, or maybe a timestamp from a different timezone, so it is causing a conflict?

I'm wondering what will happen to the files at this point. I need these new files to remain in place. These files are in a completely different directory than the old font files that they are replacing, so I don't understand where this error is coming from.

For example, the old files are \\dev\website\assets\fonts\version1

And the new files are \\dev\website\assets\fonts\version2

I delete version one, move version2, and then I get nailed with dozens of these errors. Why the errors if there are no other files to conflict with? Is it simply because the timestamp is so far out of sync of the real time?

Thanks for your expertise and advice on this.

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