Best way to move a directory within a share?

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I want to move a directory within my BTSync share, ie, I don't want to move the whole sync location, just a directory (and files within it). Is the best way to do this to a) move it on one share and let BTSync propagate the move, or B) manually move the directory on all shares and let BTSync reindex all the files and realise that it is still in sync?

I tried option B) but BTSync started doing some heavy syncing and started creating .Conflict files and directories and I got scared and stopped it.


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I tried this recently and Sync ended up re-syncing all of the (rather large) files in the moved folder (moved within the same share). Disappointing... I though the checksum method would allow Sync to figure out that they were the same files a la what Dropbox does when you do the same thing.

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