Raspberry Pi (2.3.1) folders sync files do not

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I'm not sure whats going on here.

I have been setting up my raspberry pi with 2.3.1, but this problem happened on earlier versions too.

I'm syncing a folder that has 250+GB of data on my lan between a PC and my RPi. On this version and previous versions I have had the situation where sync says it is syncing and when it finsishes the web ui on the Pi reports it has transferred all the data, but when you look on the drive it has synced the folders themselves but barely any data.


I've spent too much time trying to get this to work and its starting to piss me off, this software does not work very well, its unreliable, flaky and tedious. I've gone through several iterations of setup with it now trying to get the same data syncing, on 2 different Rpi.

At this point I'm thinking samba and some simple scripts is going to be a lot better that this.


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folder structure recreated but no files there at all? That looks either like merging problem, or write permissions problem. How they are connected - PC and PRi - RO or RW? Linked or not? Is Selective Sync enabled on RP or not? Any details about your setup are of use. 

Also, please submit logs to support for investigation, from both peers, hope there they'll see more information about the problem 

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