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10 minutes ago, Moe said:

Are the two peers able to talk to each other directly or are they both going through a relay?

The two Macs are plugged into the same Ethernet wall jack and are one number off on their LAN IP. Transfers are occurring between the two, albeit at a crawl. The screenshot shows that I've disabled use of a relay server, because 1) I don't think there's any reason to traverse our gateway and 2) otherwise all sorts of alarms go off on my IT staff's monitoring software because it sees a bittorrent exiting the gateway.

10 minutes ago, Moe said:

What kind of files did you try syncing? What version of OS X and BitTorrent Sync are you running? Any special things about your setup?

They are large MOV files (> 1GB). Running OS X 10.9 and BT Sync 1.4.111.

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There is no screenshot. Also if you are running on a company network there could be traffic shaping rules that apply for the BitTorrent protocol.

Also there is a new version of BitTorrent Sync which is 2.3 - would you be able to install that or are there any reasons you are still running 1.4?

What kind of folders are your shares? I see it is a volume - is it a network folder that you are sharing using Sync?

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I see that the folder is "Out of sync", and that low speed is not the "slow speed" problem, but rather "files not sync" problem - there is somethings that causes files to stuck, a number of reasons actually. That Hotspots folder indeed looks like a network share, so there might be lack of permissions or slow disk read/write pace among the reasons . Needs log analysis.

Also, is there a reason why you stick with 1.4? 

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