Change Folder Location Removed??


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In version 2.3 the "Change folder path" Option was removed as seen in the changelog here


It will be possible to change folder path only in case of ‘Folder not found’ or ‘Service files missing’ error


What is the logic behind this? 

I just reinstalled sync so that I could install it as a service (it would be nice to have a button to do this in the GUI but that's a different topic

I selected my default folder path, which is the same as the one I used before, but sync re-creates the files appending a "(1)" to it. I don't want it to do that. I want it to use the current data there so it doesn't have to sync about a TB of data (granted it wouldn't take long with the speed of sync...but still)


It seems to me that this is a limitation on the software. I would like to see it put back in. For now I am gonna go back to 2.2 though.

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@sup3rb0wlz Actually old workflow was very confusing for the end users and there were couple of scenarios where they could force Sync to delete all its files on other peers.

In a new workflow, you can call the "Hey Sync, this is new folder location" only when Sync lost it. Also, Sync will follow the folder if you move it and OS itselfcan follow the move ;)

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