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Ive shared my Documents folder with all my linked devices (Windows 10)

Each time i empty my recyclebin i get loads of locked files.


to .sync\IgnoreList to get rid of those.

My Documentfolder is redirected and being offline-synced (corporate).

Does anyone else have issues with the recyclebin, and why is it not being excluded by default anyway?

Other OS'es corresponding trashfolders (.Trashes) are being excluded, and we do got Sync's Archive-folder to recover deleted files anyway?


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I'm not sure how exactly emptying bin affects your Documents folder. Bin is usually located on root of system's drive, while Documents - in your %appdata%. Or what is your exact folders' paths' configuration. 

Also, by "My Documentfolder is redirected and being offline-synced (corporate)" you mean that your profile is roaming in the office? 

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