No disk spin down / disk hibernation with Sync running

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I recently build a custom Xpenology NAS based on a Asrock N3150DC-ITX board with 2x 2TB HD204UI disks. Xpenology is running great! 
The latest 2.3.1 version causes high cpu and RAM usage so for now I stick with the 2.2.5-1 version from the Synology app store. 

I checked all the advanced setting, but the disks are not spinning down. My settings are attached. Is this a common problem or am I missing something?




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stijnos, it is a common issue in 2.3.1 version. You can try this debug build, it should decrease RAM usage in some cases. Also you can try increasing folder_rescan interval.

If you mean that Sync still indexes your files despite that you've downgraded to 2.2.5 you just need to wait until indexation is complete.

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