"Invalid request" when opening web GUI & APIs


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Hi, I use an evaluation API key for building an application around the sync API. Till few days ago everything worked well and I was able to call the APIs successfully.

Now when I start the Sync on one of my machines with a config file (please see below), I can not open, it just shows "Invalid request". I get the same response on all API calls on that machine. This behaviour is the same across browsers: Chrome/Safari/Firefox.

Interestingly, on other development machines everything works well and the APIs work as expected. So the evaluation key seems to be valid (it should still be valid for another 3 month). 

We run:

  • Mac OS 10.11.3
  • Sync 2.3.1 (259)


Any idea what could be the reason? Could it be related to the fact that I am using an evaluation key or it is something else?

My config file as it is:

    "agree_to_EULA": "yes",
    "device_name": "xyz-server",
    // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data,
    // folder must exist on disk
    "storage_path" : "/xyz/system/btsync/metadata",
    // run Sync in GUI mode
    "use_gui" : true,

    "webui" : {
        // IP address and port to access HTTP API
        "listen" : "",
        // login and password for HTTP basic authentication
        // authentication is optional, but it's recommended to use some
        // secret values unique for each Sync installation
        "login" : "abc",
        "password" : "def",
        // replace xxx with API key received from BitTorrent
        "api_key" : "MY-API-KEY"


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@RomanZ thanks for trying to help

I've put --nodaemon and no logs appear, the same as without it.

I run /Applications/BitTorrent\ Sync.app/Contents/MacOS/BitTorrent\ Sync --nodaemon --config /xyz/system/btsync/btsync_config.json from my terminal, it launches the Sync, but there is no output in the terminal.

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