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I'm a linux newbie, so still fumbling my way forward at this stage. I've installed lubuntu onto an old 32-bit laptop & am now looking at installation & configuration.

There appears to be two methods to install. Either find the appropriate package to download & install, such as..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install btsync

or, to simply download & unpack, such as...

tar xzpf btsync_glibc23_x64.tar.gz  

Are there pros vs. cons of either approach ?

(I followed the latter as I couldn't get the package method to work. Google is littered with different examples of package install, from past versions & years, so I'm just firing off blindly... and missing my target)

At the moment I have to login & execute btsync manually ./btsync from my home directory. Can anyone advise how I can get it to execute on boot ?

I'm planning to remove as much irrelevant software as possible - this machine will be used only for syncing - is there anything important that BTsync relies upon that I ought not delete ?

Thanks all, PaulU

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@PaulU It's more "Linux way" to install it from repo and it is also more convenient to control Sync in that way as well as keep it up-to-date. The main drawback is that now package is no longer supported (although, our community member @Silvenga provided a fork for this package IIRC, see this topic for details).

Extracting and startup of Sync is very simple, although less convenient as you'll have to take care of automatic startup yourself as well as manually update it.


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1 hour ago, Moe said:

You can check out the information here in the blog post:

Note: you currently don't want to copy and paste the instructions for Debian/Ubuntu, the quotes are non-ASCII quotes, the dash in the command to add the key is a non-ASCII dash (as a result, the output of wget will not be on stdout).

It will work fine if you type over the instructions in plain ASCII ;).

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