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I currently have 2 NAS with 10 folders and synchronized with BtSync (about 4TB of data).

All folders are in advanced mode, I have a personal Pro license.

I would buy a server at other provider, taking advantage of the new encryption feature. But I just found out, I believe, that I can not use my current advanced folders.

Right? In the future, expect to also turn pro folders for encryption mechanism?


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hi @drego85 I had a re-read of your original message. I too have played around with encrypted folders. What is it that you are actually trying to achieve ?

You can't have an encrypted folder under your own identity anyway, you can only share it to another id (if you set-up a remote server under your current pro id, it'll simply sync with all your other devices un-encrypted.)

To make use of encrypted, you need to set-up the remote server under a new id (you don't need a licence) - and share the encrypted link to it. Only then will it sync that specific share encrypted.

The main pain is that you can only initially set-up an encrypted folder that is empty, then populate it. Any existing synced folders won't have an encryp key option. Still waiting to find out why.


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I'd like to second the request for the ability to share an Advanced folder as encrypted. One of the best features of Advanced folders is the ability to revoke access for an identity, which can only be achieved with Standard folders by regenerating folder keys. As this affects all peers it can be painful in large teams.

In recent BTS clients (at least OSX and Synology), the ability to generate new keys is not present in the UI (there used to be a link to "Update key"). @ArtemPronevskiy - do you know why this removed? I assume the only way to affect this change now is to disconnect a folder and then re-add it (not as elegant a solution).

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@all: Please consider looking in the Feature Request thread if such a request has already been opened and if so add your voice. If not feel free to create thread with detailed information.

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