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Through my learning curve with BTSync pro, I've created and destroyed (accidentally & on purpose) a number of devices that have been added to my identity. For some I was not able to un-link them from my identity before they were destroyed. Hence, they remain on the 'my devices' list, simply showing as offline.

They don't appear to disappear over time of their own accord.

How can I get rid of the phantom ones - ones that simply don't exist anymore ?

I have 3 machines in my live community now, though I see de-installing & re-installing btsync on any device doesn't solve the problem. Once a freshly installed machine re-joins my identity again, the others tell it of all the phantom machines. If I delete everything from all devices & start over from scratch, will that solve it ? Might I run into a problem with my pro licence ? or is there a simply way ?

Thanks all.

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PaulU, Sync should hide offline peers from "My devices" list if they were offline for 30 days or more. But due to bug peers remain so you need to manually clear them from My devices list manually, and clearing offline devices work for current peer only. We'll improve Sync in future versions.

However, if you start from scratch, i.e. delete settings on all devices and link them again you won't see obsolete devices. Please note that you need to add all folders again and apply the license again.

There is a simpler way just to manually clear them from My devices list, they won't affect another peers because they don't exist anymore.

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