LAN-only sync with iOS / Mac?

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I want to sync files between my Mac and my iOS devices without touching the internet. In the Mac client there are optoins to disable relay servers, trackers and to use only the LAN.

But if I use these settings, BTsync on my iPad no longer sees the Mac and vice cersa. The iOS App does not provide these settings.

Is there a possibility to sync locally with iOS?

Please, can anyone help me?


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@relayhoster Your iPad should be connected to LAN, as well as your router should support multicast traffic which is used for peers to discovers each other in LAN. Alternatively, you can force your DHCP server to assign static address to your iPad and put it into predefined hosts list on Mac.

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Thank you very much. Activating multicast in my router was the key. For all FritzBox users out there: Multicast works if "Optimize for IP TV" is checked in WLAN channel settings.


But now I have the next question: Can I force the instant synchronization of all files, not only the file names? I have a complex directory structure with thousands of files, and I want to sync once at home and carry all files with me to use them offline on the iPad.


Sorry, if my question seems stupid, but I don not seem to find the setting.

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