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I have a problem.
Bittorrent Sync installed on Synology, Synology joined to a domain.
When new a file is created on Synology by btsync (sync from another computer) that file has strange permissions (group administrators and system default user) and do not inherit permission from the parent directory (domain users and groups).
How to make new file permission inherit from the parent directory? 
Thank you.

Synology DS2415+ DSM 5.2-5644

BiTorrent Sync 2.2.5-1

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@Counterfeit Sync for NASes is a standard Linux application, which is only working with POSIX.1 permissions. No ACLs. On Syno, it runs under "admin" user, therefore all files and folders it creates belong to "admin" and  "users" user and group. Default umask for admin is 0022, which means that files delivered by Sync will get "rw-r--r--" permissions.

IIRC, Syno connected to DC still creates all users as standard Linux users, though their SMB permissions are stored in folders xattrs and only considered by DSM UI and Samba daemon. Therfore, you can try to play with umask and groups to grand all users existing on NAS access to Sync's files, although you need to be confident that Sync always can access files created by other users.

Also, I would strongly advise to take a look at this article about SMB shares.

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