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My Sync connection has been acting really strange recently. I had a problem a few months ago where my files simply refused to sync, so I decided to delete the Sync app and settings from my Windows laptop and my LG G4, and start afresh later on.

I set everything up again a few weeks ago, and everything was peaches up until today. I'm trying to sync some music files from my laptop to the G4, but the download just keep starting and stopping. One moment the Android app is telling me that files are being received and I can see a download speed at the bottom of the screen, but about 10 seconds later, it changes to say either just Receiving (with no download speed) or Indexing, and then a few moments later it starts downloading again, then stops, then starts, and so on. It's really bugging me, especially because I can't think what is periodically getting in the way of the transfer.

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Are you syncing to Sd card? there are  some issues found in syncing to sd card, and initially the problem was with inability to write some file's data there. Usually  it fixes itself by folder re-adding on the phone. If it doesn't help, please 'contact support" from the phone's sync, describe the problem in few details - like what Sync version you use on all peers, what exactly files stuck, how folders is added on the phone - RW or RO, and any other relevant data, and agree to attach logs. Mention that this comes from the forum. please do not close the app for a while after sending the feedback, so that all logs got packed. Thank you.


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