Mac Pages files missing required index

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Can you please share any details about the case? For example - what are your desktops's platform? what Pages version you have, how sync shares are set up? 

As you might know Pages files are actually folders, so if you have a non-mac desktops among your peers, the file (if this is the one you refer to)  might have failed to get synced. Or this might be the Pages version discrepancy, and recompiled file on the destination peer is not recognized by Pages there. 

So can you please write to support via this web form describe your setup and the file you sync in more details, Pages version, Sync version, etc, together with logs from both desktops (instruction). A screenshots of the error you get would be much appreciated. 

As for time difference - check UTC time settings on all peers, it shall be the same. Details and instruction on how to check it are here . 

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