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Okay so I shared a folder with a friend on BTSync and he opened it up, made some changes to the folder structure, moved some things around for organization, and now everything is gone. The folders are all there and the structure is completely intact. However, when you navigate to the bottom of any folder string, it's completely empty. Every single one. Is this the nature of peer-to-peer and we screwed up by moving stuff? Or is it lost and something happened that can be reverted?




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Found them!!! Thank you. Phew. We have now configured our own folders, shared them with the other using "Read-Only" permissions for safety, and will be adding files to our own folders and allowing them to sync to the other computer as necessary. Is this a good setup?

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@tibsdoe14 please note that RO peers won't be able to upload anything to others, i.e. if a file is added/changed/deleted it will not be synced to others , so to prevent unwanted file deletion , yes, sharing RO permissions is good. But if you want those peers to send the changes back to you, no, RO won't work here.

As for your case, unfortunately, too few details to know exact reason for it. If your friend was moving the files around, from one subfolder to another, then the problem might be that moving files out (=deleting) of a subfolder got synced, putting them (adding) to new subfolder didn't. Why it happened is unclear and needs investigation. In most similar cases the problem was in permission - Sync was not able to write the file to new location. Or, if you use Sync version 2.2.x and one of Syncs was offline when files were being moved. 

If you have logs (sync.log and all sync.log<12345>.zip) in Sync Storage on both peers, please send these to support, and please don't forget to mention this forum port and mention which log belongs to the peer where files were moved . Hope the log didn't get rotated yet and have that case recorded. 

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