[Solved] "Search DHT network" option does not appear

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  • GreatMarko changed the title to [Solved] "Search DHT network" option does not appear
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On 2016/3/16 at 9:54 PM, RomanZ said:

@riahc3 It is disabled. Was removed in ~2.2.

Sorry to reply to an old post. But can you elaborate the reason on why DHT is disabled and removed? I've briefly searched the forum and changelog, but couldn't find an answer.

I'm asking this because I reckon DHT as a useful feature. As an example, considering the recent drama around the Great Firewall of China blocking Resilio Sync -- if DHT is still around, it won't be an issue in the first place.

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1 hour ago, RomanZ said:

@hanru Unfortunately, vast majority of users do not understand DHT background and panic once they see Sync connecting to different unknown addresses even if they enable DHT themselves. As a result, we decided to stop using DHT technology in Sync.

Hmm, I would suggest not removing DHT entirely. How about making it disabled by default and can be enabled only in advanced "power user preferences"?

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@RomanZ This is a very unwise move considering the fact that resilio sync is a p2p application. Now it's totally unusable in China since the government has banned all the trackers and poisoned the DNS, which cannot be solved for long term by using any proxy servers or setting the hosts file manually.  And China won't be the last one to apply this approach.  


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