[Solved] Raspberry Pi error code 110


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I have BitTorrent Sync 2.3 installed a Raspberry Pi Model A, btsync crashes every day or so. I only recently upgraded from v1.4(ish) and everything worked fine with the old version but the new version will not run for longer than about a day. In checking the log file I have found that the problems seem to start with this:

[20160320 19:12:31.024] SyncSocket[0xb2dfdaf8]: an error has occurred - code: 110, message: "offline (timed out)"
[20160320 19:12:31.029] PD[8E0D] [0E4A]: failed to open TCP tunnel - endpoint:, status: "offline (timed out)", enc: SRP, socket: 0xac562620, tunnels: 0

The log file shows a series of these and then it finally gives up the ghost a while (a few hours) later.

I found the following post which mentions graceful/ungraceful shutdowns, checking the end of the log files shows that it is not a graceful shutdown. I'd appreciate some advice on how to get this up and running again.


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What exactly 2.3 version do you use? Do you install a package? Or just launch a binary? 
There are too few details. Those quoted lines tell that your peer cannot connect to another one, but this shall not be the root cause of the crash. 

To be able to analyze your case, please submit logs and crash dumps from this peer to support. Here's how to collect logs and this is how to collect crash dump.  Mention this forum topic and please provide a few details about your setup. 

In a mean while, try fresh install. 

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