BTSync causes external HDD to become unresponsive while indexing?

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I am trying to use BTsync with an external HDD, as my main PC SSD is pretty small.


I'm trying to sync ~100GB of home movie files in a couple of different formats, but what I find is that as soon as btsync starts indexing the folder on my HDD the HDD becomes extremely slow, but not technically frozen.


It takes ~4 minutes to load a folder on this HDD while indexing is running.



I tried to get around this last night by leaving my PC on overnight indexing, but when I came in the morning it hadn't actually indexed over night? -- Might be user error, consider an anecdote.



Is there a power use setting I can adjust to prevent indexing from making the drive unusable? I've already turned down the folder rescan time to every few hours.


Let me know!



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Hi JW,

By default all Sync HDD operations run on lowered priority so Sync won't interfere with all your other activities. Still I suggest checking the power option "hdd_low_priority", it should be true.

Also, which version of Sync you use? I suggest upgrading to 2.3.5 if you use anything older: 2.3.5 contains some fixes related to redundant indexing.

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Hi RomanZ

I was on 2.3.3 and upgraded to 2.3.5 but nothing appears to have changed.


I did not have an hdd_low_priority, but did have "disk_low_priority" which was set to false. Updated to true and believe the frozen HDD issue appears to be resolved.



I have however noted another issue which is making the system pretty unusable, namely I have two sync folders active going to my home linux based machine, but I am only seeing ~30-60KB/s transfer speeds. 100GB of files will take over a month at this rate...

Not sure why so slow, or what I can do to impact. :(


Also, getting periodic btsync freezing. I cant upload my logs here, as it says they're too big, even after compression down to 40kb...

Here's a public dropbox link with the two logs..



--Update-- I rebooted my computer, and killed my other torrent software before it got rocking and rolling, and speeds are better. Suspect accidentally chewing up my bandwidth there may have been the cause. 


Having said that, is there any way to confirm this was indeed the issue via the logs above?

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Follow up.


It seems to be that SYNC works for a period of time (hour maybe?) then the transfer rate grinds to a halt, then stops transferring altogether. BTSync still shows "Indexing" but I am not confident anything is happening, as the files are not copied, and the transfer rate is not even displayed (0).


Is it possible that the HDD is going to sleep or something? Why else would the transfer stop for no apparent reason?


Recent log attached here. (Figured out, the zips are logs, haha)


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Additionally, I see my computer is "Receiving" now, even though it should be "sending" files, as the other computer in my peer list was blank before I started (no files in destination) -- I can only assume it's sending me either a file I already have, or a portion of a file I already have...? Is it possible it's overwriting my good files?

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Sync will use all available bandwidth . Here are the tips on improving speed. 

The problem with speed may be caused by Sync trying to sync the .ut file - partially downloaded. It's being yet downloaded by uTorrent, and synced by Sync -> change too  frequently -> requiring Sync to recheck it -> delays in syncing -> additional load on hdd.

Try either not syncing till file is completely downloaded or adding *.!ut to IgnoreList. 

P.S. It's better not publish logs on forum. Submit it to support team directly or at least PM to me or Roman :) 

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Thanks Helen. Logs Removed. Will see about adding that ignore list item. 


Thanks for the heads up about the logs. Removed now... haha. Will be sure to PM instead in future.


Out of town for the long weekend, but will do some more testing and reply back with my results. :)



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Follow up. I did add some ignore items as noted.


Not that some time has passed, I'm still having troubles getting files to actually sync to the receiving computer. :(


I thought I had success when leaving all machines on for days to let it index etc., but ultimately the files do not appear to be moving over as expected. :(


BTsync on the machine with the files seems to be stuck indexing, and also "sending" but only a low transfer rate ~20KB/s - 30KB/s seems most common.


Of course this means months to sync completely.



For the life of me I cannot figure out why this isn't working more fluidly. Is it something to do with the raspberryPI I am using to receive maybe?

--> Shouldn't be, as it successfully synced ~30GB of files and I did see 500KB/s in the past...




Help! (Sync logs messages to helen and romanz)


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