How does BT Sync work with Windows Phone 8.1?

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I use the QR code to register the phone, but all it seems to do is open a download list from the desktop to the phone.


What I want to happens is that I want to auto sync the photos from the phone to the desktop, and to move videos and music to the phone to watch and listen.


There doesn't seem to be any 'folder' selection.  It seems that sync ignores the file structure of the WP8, at least for the photo's part anyways.


What am I doing wrong?

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@fefrie Sync on WinPhone only works within its sandbox. So when you Sync data to WP, it'll land inside Sync's sandbox and you either have to explicitly send if from Sync to other apps, or (if other app supports extensions) - pull out data from Sync sandbox with extension. Photos can be backed up from WP to other peers normally.

Could you please elaborate - what do you mean under "download list"? Couple of screenshots could be great.

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