max_packet_size in Sync 2.3

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Sync 2.3 has a new advanced setting called max_packet_size which is set to 32 by default.  Does this mean that Sync uses 32 byte packets?  Isn't that terribly small?  Wouldn't a packet size closer to the typical MTU of 1500 bytes be better for performance?  Please explain what this setting is and how it works.  I do not see it explained at


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@sbhouchen First of all - thanks for bringing it to attention. We've updated KB. This option is in megabytes, and this is size of maximum allowed buffer for arriving Sync's service data. Usually, one should not touch it. It can be increased in rare cases when this buffer is not enough - for example, if you got really huge amount of files in a single subfolder (like, 500K of files).

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