DSM 6.0 upgrade says Sync not compatible

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In this time I test the Synology DSM 6 Beta 1+2 on a Synology DS712+ and up to Beta 1 I can use the current BTsync. From yesterday the Beta 2 can be load from Synology to install on the DS´s and I load the Version: 6.0-7274 from 21.1.2016.


During installation I get a message, that the current version 2.3.100 of BTsync is not compatible to this and must be delete, if I want to update to Beta 2. I cancel this.


What can I due?

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BTsync is running now on DSM 6 Beta 2, but with circumstances, because of restore data.

Before the Update of Beta 2 I make from BTsync in /volume1/@appstore a Backup and after I uninstall BTSync. I install Beta 2 and reinstall BTsync. I stop the service, restore the Backup and restart the service. All things are as before.

I need this steps because a lot of folders and so things.

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Normaly this is no problem. Which DS you have? BTW I have a issue with v2.3-1 

and go back to v2.2.7, which is running perfectly. If you have problems to use the package from Synology package center, you also can try


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@kornac You are welcome! Although I'm surprised that it does not works when started by the DSM itself. The DSM starts it with a next command line:

/usr/local/bittorrentsync/bin/btsync --config /usr/local/bittorrentsync/var/sync.conf

I suggest to stop your current sync (just killall btsync, don't do kill -9, it's too painful for Sync) and run the command above. See if it a) starts the process and B) if Sync is going to listen port 8890 (which is default for Syno and is actually mentioned in config file).


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