Willl Sync be appropriate for my requirement


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I am searching for a method to share files over multiple servers. Sync seems interesting to me. Just want to confirm if it fits my requirements.

We have multiple servers located at remote location where we wont have physical access. They have low speed mobile internet (2G) connection. Servers are in vehicles so they are on move and they constantly come and go out of the network. We usually get speeds around 50-60 KBps download speed in a good connection. The folder that we intend to share would be around 100 MB. Server runs CentOS without any UI (CLI only). We have one master server running windows server which will be a constant seeder with a good internet.

We are looking to buy the Embedded license, since it can run headless. Our concern is that will we be able to monitor each server remotely and get real-time update if the servers are up to date or not. Also We want to deploy this remotely. We can run scripts remotely, So installing it via a script should be possible.

Looking for any inputs and appreciate any help


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@goldsmit409 Sync should work fine in such setup, we had some users with very similar use cases.

When transferring data, Sync splits it in smaller chunks (actual chunk size depends on file size and varies from 32Kb to 4Mb), also it is using uTP (a UDP-based) protocol, which is pretty robust for unstable connection.

Sync can run headless pretty well - see this article for details. License can also be applied via command line as well, so you don't need an embedded license, just apply it via command line during setup process. The only issue I can see here is that Sync does not provide a confirmation of a kind "All files delivered". Using API you can find out that "there is nothing do download at the moment", which still doesn't means that everything was downloaded.

This can be workarounded by placing text file in the synced foler with list of files to be delivered and their hashes, which can be checked by script on endpoint upon delivery.

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@goldsmit409 Just use a regular trial license. It allows all pro features. For the API - there is special license, apply for it here. If product fits you - you'll need business license.

For the monitoring - there is no tool to monitor. Some information about remote peer is going to be visible on the server which is going to seed data to your travelling servers. If you want to get some management server - I suggest looking into Sync IT product.

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